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Botify Your Ecommerce Growth

We enable a world where every business like yours can turn eCommerce on, the way you turn on tap water. It's the difference between walking 2 miles to fetch clean water just to do the dishes... and being able to turn on the tap. When your business taps into eCommerce this way, you'll have immediate and regular benefits that would previously take you weeks, months, or even years to get.
Welcome to the real world!
Frictionless eCommerce

Bots vs Apps

Traditionally adding a new app means onboarding time, learning curve, another dashboard to manage....more heavy-lifting. Not so with Bots. We have invested countless hours to build fully automated yet easily customizable solutions. Our AI bots setup with a few clicks, and benefit you almost immediately.

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Google Search generates way more eCommerce than Paid Ads & Social Media combined. The world's best sales channels like Google Search are FREE. flareAI automates growth on free sales channels like Google Search

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